T243. Iron Sukashi Tsuba Probably by Higo Hayashi Tohachi


T243. Iron sukashi tsuba I think was made by Tohachi (3rd generation of Higo Hayashi). 7.1 x 7.2 x .4 cm. The nakago hitsu-ana is .9 x 2.6 cm. Cherry blossom sukashi in a plate shaped like a chrysanthemum. This tsuba is, except for size, identical to one in Sasano’s book Sasano: The Sasano Collection Part 1 (pictured).  The book says of its tsuba:

“Hayashi, Third generation Tohachi (died in the third year of Kansei, 1791 at the age of sixty-nine)

Sukashi Design: Cherry Blossoms (kasumi-zakura)

Mid Edo Period   Late 18th Century (Hohreki/Meiwa era)

Height: 76.8 mm  Width: 72.9 mm  Rim thickness: 5.0 mm

Centre thickness:  5.1 mm  Rounded rim

Within the rim of the chrysanthemum, mist and cherry blossoms are seen.  Although the base iron is slightly coarse, the finish has been carefully worked to give a sophisticated appearance.”

Down to the smallest detail (except for size), the 2 tsuba are the same. There is also a paper from NTHK-NPO, dated 2016 and giving the tsuba to Kodai Higo (later generation).  Condition is, I think, perfect.  The color is a deep black, much better than in my pictures.  $995.

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