Q807. Shakudo Tsuba with Gold Inlay Rim


Q807 Tsuba of shakudo. 7.4 x 7.9 x .35 cm at the rim (.45 cm at the seppa-dai: slight go-stone shape). The nakago hitsu-ana is .7 x 2.5 cm. I tried hard to get good photos of this tsuba and then I gave up; polished shakudo is tough to capture. The surface is a fine, slightly brown black, set off perfectly with a textured gold nunome zogan rim and the gold plugged ryo-hitsu. There are 3 tiny, pen point dents and, in the right light, a faint iridescent halo around the seppa-dai on both sides. I see no scratches. This tsuba comes in a well made box with a pillow and with evidence of small labels (now gone).

This one is elegant. $425.