Q794. Fuchi Kashira by Tsuchiya Masachika


Q794. Shakudo fuchi kashira. The inside dimensions of the fuchi are 1.6 x 3.3 x .6 cm. There is a bat on the fuchi and a deer on the kashira. The shakudo plate is worked in quite nicely done tsuchime (hammered surface). This is signed Tsuchiya Masachika Kao. According to Haynes, Masachika, who signed also Yasuchika, was the 6th generation of the famous Yasuchika family.

Once again, I had trouble getting good photos (I’m very good at taking bad pictures), so I’ll give you some on a light background to show the true color and others on a black background to give you an idea of the patina. Excellent condition set in a box. $375.