Q668. Highly Unusual, Elaborate Iron Tsuba, Namban?


Q668. Not knowing what else to call this iron tsuba I will go with Namban but, this isn’t your standard Namban. 7.3 x 8 x .45 cm. Tha nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.9 cm.There are 2 very different sides to this tsuba. The A side is high relief carving of dragons chasing the flaming jewel (in gold) at east & west, cloud forms at north & something else at south. All of this is set unto recesses outlined in fine brass inlay; the brass is nearly 100% intact.

The B side is incised cloud forms on a field of fine brass inlay (once again the brass appears to be all present). The seppa-dai of the B side is rectangular, as would be expected with Namban. On the A side it is a small rectangle inside a brass lined cartouche. There is a pillow of shakudo in the ryo-hitsu. Not sure I’ve seen the like before.

Condition is excellent. $525.

Sold Out

Sold Out