C325. Iron Sukashi Tsuba by Nishigaki Kanpei.


C325. Higo Sukashi tsuba. 7 x 7.5 x .35 cm. The nakago hitssu-ana is .8 x 2.6 cm. The consignor of this one (who knows more than I do) has this to say.

. Iron sukashi tsuba signed Nishigaki Kanpei saku (西垣勘平作). Second son of the first generation Nishigaki Kanshiro. (no exact dates are known for him, but seeing the dates of his father and his older brother, that would place his active period around 1660-1690). Pleasing (and sought after) design of an ox and pine trees. The sukashi define the design, however the line engravings add another dimension to it.

Excellent condition and in a box with pillow. $525.