C270. Ko Kinko Tsuba


C270. Ko Kinko tsuba in yamagane and with a yamagane fukurin. 5.5 x 6.1 x .3 cm on the plate. The nakago hitsu-ana is .85 x 2.7 cm. Here is what the consignor of this piece has to say about it (he knows better than I do).

At some point the piece had both kozuka and kogai hitsu ana, but the kozuka hitsu has been plugged with yamagane. Whoever did the plug went to considerable effort to insure it was not noticeable on the front side of the piece, though less effort was expended on the back side. The surface is covered with remnants of lacquer which appears to be fairly old (Early edo period or earlier – even in the hitsu plug area) . In addition, several different colors of wax have been applied, reminiscent of what is seen on some pieces by Hirata Hikozo. It is unknown whether this scheme is original, was done when the kozuka hitsu was plugged, or later. This piece is ko-kinkou work, and it is thought this surface treatment is original to the piece. – Fortunately it wasn’t cleaned off at some point. This is interesting because it shows this method of decoration was a “thing” prior to Hikozo coming on the scene.

The fukurin is missing a small piece at the bottom; otherwise all is fine. $150

Sold Out

Sold Out