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K167. Mitokoromono. Shakudo & Gold Horse Menuki & Kotsuka

$545 + Shipping & Insurance

K167.  A boxed set of menuki and kotsuka.  The menuki are 4 and 3.8 cm in length; the kotsuka is 1.4 x 9.6 cm.  Let me start with an apology for my pictures; they don't do justice to these pieces.  It seems like the better the quality of shakudo, the deeper and richer the black, the tougher it is for me to get a decent picture.  This shakudo is deep and rich, quite good quality I think.  One menuki has a centering post on the back and the other has evidence that there used to be a post to match; I believe this to be an honest pair of menuki.  Since the horses on the kotsuka have gold and silver accentuated manes, tails, and hooves and the menuki horses don't, it is possible that the kotsuka wasn't made to accompiany the menuki; I don't know.  But everything works well together; they make a very fine set.

Other than for a few tiny dents on the back of the kotsuka, condition of all is excellent.  $545.

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