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T517. Iron Tsuba with Elephant & Monkey

$285 + Shipping & Insurance

T517.  Iron tsuba with copper, silver, shakudo, and possibly gold inlay.  7.7 x 8.5 x .45 cm at the slightly raised rim.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .7 x 2.7 cm.  Pretty sure this is a monkey, riding on the back of an elephant; must be a story here.  Given how scarce elephants must have been in Edo era Japan, it is a bit surprising that they show up on kodogu even as infrequently as they do.  I think the stick with a hook on the back side is an elephant goad, called ankus in India.

Silver on the monkey's face and the elephant's tusk has been rubbd and a former owner may have waxed the plate (easily removed if it bothers you); otherwise condition is excellent.  $285.

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