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T370. Ko Kinko Tsuba in Yamagane

$195 + Shipping & Insurance

T370.  Soft metal tsuba with a shakudo fukurin.  7 x 7.6 x .4 cm on the rim (a bit less on the plate).  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.8 cm.  This tsuba might be classified as made of shakudo but I think patinated yamagane (copper) is more true.  The flowers are nicely carved and the plate is covered in wonderfully fine tsuchime (hammer work) that fades out as it approaches the rim, which would be expected from use and wear.  At one spot on the back there is a slightly raised area, almost like a soft metal tekkotsu.  Condition is excellent.  $195.

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Grey Doffin - Dealer in Nihonto Art

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