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T146. Iron tsuba with Okame and fan

$300 + Shipping & Insurance

T146.  Iron tsuba with Okame and fan.  7.3 x 7.5 x .3 cm at the raised rim, about 5 mm at the seppa dai.  Okame is the Shinto Goddess of mirth.  I don't know a lot about her story (google her to learn more) but I'm very sure this is her on the tsuba.  Okame is worked in high relief of either brass or copper and with a silver scarf.  On the reverse is what appears to be a cudgel (must be a story here).  Also on the back, something I haven't seen before, 3 petal forms are carved next to the kotsuka hitsu ana.

The tsuba is convex, tapering to the nicely raised rim.  The plate is heavy and dense and the soft metal are very well worked.  Condition is excellent.  $300.

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