Q702. Ko Nara Fuchi Kashira signed Nara


Q702. Fuchi kashira in shakudo with gold, silver, & shakudo inlay. The inside dimensions of the fuchi are 1.8 x 3.4 cm. The fuchi is .8 cm tall on its outside; the kashira also is short. This set is signed Nara. According to The Robert Haynes Index, “This group of artists signed only Nara without any other name, in most cases. They are thought of as the Ko-Nara school group, and they worked on both iron and soft metal plate. Most of their work predates the Nara School style, and examples of work with the art names as well as the family names.” Early Nara fuchi kashira were short, like this set.

The plate has a fine tsuchime surface and everything is in excellent condition. This one is special. Comes in a box. $325