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Q133. Fine Tsuba Papered to Ko-Kinko with Kanzan Hakogaki to Tachishi

$1,750 + Shipping & Insurance

Q133.  Excellent early Kinko tsuba.  6 x 6.6 x .35 cm at the raised rim.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.5 cm.  Deep black shakudo on a nanako ground with a few gold ten-zogan (dot inlays).  There is a Hozon paper from the NBTHK in Tokyo dated 1994 giving the tsuba to Ko-Kinko (early soft metal).  The tsuba comes in a fitted box with hakogaki by Sato Kanzan.  Markus Sesko translated the hakogaki:

Q133 Hakogaki (lid outside):
Akikusa-mon tsuba
Tsuba depicting autumnal vegetation
Q133 Hakogaki (lid inside):
Mokkōgata, shakudō, nanakoji,
takabori, ryō-hitsu-ana
Mumei: Tachi-shi
migoto nari
Shōwa tsuchinoto-tori natsu
Kanzan shirusu + kaō
Lobed shape, shakudō, nanako
ground, takabori relief, two hitsu-ana
Unsigned: Tachi-shi
Magnificent work
Written by [Satō] Kanzan in summer of the year of the rooster of the Shōwa era (1969) +

Tachishi is a term for tsuba makers who worked from Kamakura up into Muromachi era, making fittings for tachi; you can learn more about the attribution if you google the term.  Condition is pristine; this has been treasured for a long time.  Now $1,750.

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