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M253. Tsuba by Owari Swordsmith Masatsune

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M253.  Iron plate tsuba by Owari swordsmith Sagami no Kami Masatsune.  7 x 7.7 x .4 cm.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 3.1 cm.  Masatsune worked around the turn of the 17th century, at the end of Koto and the beginning of Shinto.  While there was sword making in Owari before Masatsune, he was the 1st among the important smiths to give the Owari School its stellar reputation.  He made also tsuba, something that must not have been too common in his time; this is the 1st ever tsuba for me signed by a recognized swordsmith.  Other than tsuchime, a shakudo plugged ryo-hitsu, and one prominent tekkotsu, the plate is unadorned; condition is excellent.  This comes with a Hozon paper from the NBTHK, dated 2018 and verifying the signature.  It comes also in a fitted box with a pillow.  $895.

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