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M250. Sukashi Tsuba by One of the Kanshiro Nishigaki

$1,775 + Shipping & Insurance

M250.  Iron sukashi tsuba.  8 x 8.3 x .6 cm.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .9 x 2.7 cm.  When I 1st received this tsuba I was convinced that it is a work by the 3rd generation Kanshiro Nishigaki.  One of my pictures shows it next to a page, 3rd Kanshiro, from Ito Mitsuru's book on the school: so similar.  But a serious collector of Higo kodogu wrote and told me he doesn't think this is the 3rd generation; he thinks it is either a piece from the 2nd Kanshiro or a very good copy of 1st generation work by a later smith (kodai).  He knows much more than I do; we can go with that.

Condition is excellent.  The tsuba comes in a well made box with pillow, with a center post sized to fit this tsuba.  This box sat open on someone's desk for a long time; the design of the tsuba is deeply sun faded into the cloth of the box.  My last 2 pictures show the tsuba on a white background, which I'm told shows the true color best.

Whatever generation this is, it is a very fine tsuba.  $1,775.

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