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M227. Shakudo Tsuba with Shishi

$495 + Shipping & Insurance

M227.  Shakudo plate tsuba with katakiri-bori of a shishi and peony.  7.8 x 8.1 x .3 cm at the mimi (.4 cm at the seppa-dai).  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.8 cm.  I think the plate is shakudo; if it isn't it is some alloy of copper & gold very close to shakudo.  The tsuba is a deeper black than in my pictures (devilishly difficult to photograph these) but not a pure black; it does have a brown cast.  I tried to read the mei and so far I have Bushu Ju Tokigawa Nao ... and the rest escapes me.  Anyone out there know what it is?

This must be late Edo work, or even later, made as art and not to be used.  Quite exquisite.  When this tsuba was shipped to me it was sent inside a tsuba box.  Unfortunately, the weight of the tsuba popped the box's center post loose and tiny nails underneath scratched the seppa-dai: pity.  This could be repaired by a competent craftsperson or left to heal itself with time.  Otherwise, there is no damage.  Priced because of the scratch at $495.

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