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M131. Fuchi & kashira with Buddhist symbols

$325 + Shipping & Insurance

M131.  Fuchi & kashira.  The fuchi is shakudo nanako with gold and shakudo Buddhist icons applied; the kashira is horn with similar icons.  Dimensions of the fuchi are 2.1 x 3.8 cm.  I had this set at the show in San Francisco and was told that Samurai from Kyushu often would commission just a fuchi and use plain horn for the kashira.  This was seen as practical, since the fuchi plays a structural role (it binds the handle halves together) but the kashira is largely ornamental.  Occasionally the horn kashira would be ornamented to match the fuchi.  Maybe that’s what happened here.  Wonderful set in any case: the nanako is so fine and there is no damage to anything.  $325.

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