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F210. Beautiful Papered Futokoromono by Mikami Yoshihide

$2,575 + Shipping & Insurance

F210.  Kogai and Kotsuka signed Mikami Yoshihide.  The kogai is 1.2 x 20.9 cm and the kotsuka is 1.4 x 9.4 cm.  Shakudo plates with the tiniest nanako I can recall seeing are housed in yamagane (copper) cases.  Gold, silver, & shakudo cockerels face off on each piece.  Yoshihide worked in the mid 19th century, late Edo  He was originally from Nagasaki, he was a student of Ishigoro Masayoshi, and he worked in Edo.  This is a lovely set in great condition (the scuffs on the shakudo nanako that show in my pictures are barely visible in hand).  The set comes in a fitted box and with a Koshu Tokubetsu Kicho paper from the NBTHK, dated 1978.  $2,575.

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