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F209. Kotsuka & Kogai, Tokubetsu Hozon to Goto Renjo

$3,400 + Shipping & Insurance

F209.  Futokoromono: kotsuka and kogai of gold with shakudo nanako plates with gold & shakudo birds.  The kotsuka is 1.4 x 9.7 cm.  The kogai is 1.3 x 21.3 cm.  Once again we have exquisite work.  The nanako on the shakudo plates is tiny and precise; the birds are excellently made and great fun.  This set comes in a fitted box with a pillow and with a Tokubetsu Hozon paper from the NBTHK in Tokyo giving it to Goto Renjo, the 10th mainline master.  The former owner has written small and neatly in English on a corner of the box lid, "Renjo Mitsutomo 1628 - 1708, 10th generation Goto mainline, with origami from 1867" and then I can't read the rest.  He told me the 1867 origami (see my last 2 pictures) states which koshirae the set came off of and more.  I have requested a full translation of this paper; when I have it I'll add it to this listing.

And here is the translation I received from Markus Sesko:

⼆ー三⼗四 2-34
ツカ前付 with tsuka-mae
六⼗七番 No. 67
⺒⼗⼀⽉◯ snake [year of the], eleventh month, ?
中ノ上 御⼩⼑中 B-1 of kogatana section
御拵付正俊御⼑ Katana by Masatoshi with koshirae
御三所物⾚銅⾊絵鶴裏哺 酒井雅楽頭上
With ? from the 15th day of the third month of Keiō three (1867), year of the hare.
For a katana by Masatoshi
Mitokoromono of shakudō with iroe, crane(s)?, reverse gilded. Presented to Sakai Uta no Kami.
The menuki are mounted on the hilt.

There are a few characters that I can’t read, but got the gist of it. "Sakai Uta no Kami" was a lineage within the Sakai clan. As the date is third month of Keiō three (1867), maybe Sakai Tadatoshi, who was the 22nd gen. and last feudal generation of that lineage. He succeeded his older brother Tadashige who retired in the second month of Keiō three.

Condition is pristine; this is a great set of kodogu.  Was $4,175; now $3,400.

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