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F208. Special Order Kotsuka by Okikazu, Spectacular Dragon

$2,625 + Shipping & Insurance

F208.  Iron kotsuka with high relief inlay of gold and silver: 1.4 x 9.7 cm.  A dragon, wonderfully carved in gold & silver wraps around a gold & silver ritual ken; the golden orb sits at the top of the dragon's neck.  The iron case is carved front and sides in waves.  On the back is a gold inlay mon and an inscription which, according to Markus Sesko, reads: (Three scales crest in round) Kurosaka Yoshitomo ōju (黒坂義知応需) - “On request of Kurosaka Yoshitomo”.  The mei is, Tōenshi Minamoto Okikazu kore o tsukuru (東塩子・源興一造之) - “Made by Tōenshi Minamoto Okikazu”.

Condition is pristine.  This comes in a fitted box with pillow and with a Tokubetsu Hozon paper from the NBTHK in Tokyo, dated 2018.  This one is special.  $2,625.

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