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F207. Shakudo and Gold Kotsuka Papered to 3rd Goto Master Joshin

$4,225 + Shipping & Insurance

F207.  Kotsuka attributed to Joshin.  1.4 x 9.6 cm.  Joshin was the 1st son of 2nd Goto master Sojo; he was born in 1512 and lived until 1562 (as well as being an artist and head of the most important family of kodogu makers, he was a bushi and died in battle at a relatively young age).  As head of the goto family he worked for the 12th and 13th Ashikaga Shoguns, and other important people of his time.  He, like the other early masters of pre-Momoyama time we refer to as Ko-Goto, took his name after entering the priesthood and did not sign his work.  If you google Goto Joshin you will learn much more.

Depicted here is a cluster of leaves, carved in high relief (something Joshin was known for) on a shakudo back plate with the tiniest of nanako.  The nanako at either end of this kotsuka are worn down from age and use but the gold on the leaves is largely intact; I would say condition is exceptional.  This comes in a fitted box with pillow.  A former owner has written in small and neat English the followig on a corner of the lid: "Joshin 1512 - 1562, 3rd Goto master, eldest son of Goto Sojo, Samurai retainer of Ashikaga Yoshiharu, died at battle near ?, very strong work."  This comes also with a Hozon paper from the NBTHK in Tokyo, dated 2006.  A Tokubetsu Hozon paper would be easy, given the attribution on this paper, if someone wanted to bother.  This one is special.  Was $4,975; now $4,225.

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