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F205. Gold and Shakudo Kotsuka, Copy of Goto Kenjo

$1,895 + Shipping & Insurance

F205.  Gold kotsuka with a shakudo plate and gold & shakudo inlay: 1.5 x 9.6 cm.  A former owner has written small and neatly on a corner of the box lid, "Mototake / Motozane, 1741 - 1830, outstanding work, perfect detail, signed as copy of Goto Kenjo, became a priest and went by Togu, highly rated."  I have a translation of the mei from Markus Sesko:

Gotō Kenjō no zu Sekijōken Ōyama Motozane/Genpu + kaō (後藤顕乗図赤城軒泰山元孚「花押」) - “Sekijōken Ōyama Motozane/Genpu, after a design of Gotō Kenjō + monogram”

I thought court regalia for the theme but a friend & scholar tells me, "The motif is kabuki stuff. The baton is the side-blown flute used in both noh and kabuki (called nohkan I think).  The court hat is also used in costumes for both forms (I think).  I thought the fan might be a shamisen bachi, but they're flat on the end, so yeah probably an odd fan."  Thanks friend. 

The nanako on the plate is amazingly fine and precise; condition of the piece is pristine.  This comes in a fitted box with pillow and with Hozon paper from the NBTHK, dated 2019.  The former owner tells me this should be sent for Tokubetsu Hozon paper, "very high work and rare signature."  Was $2,395; now $1,895.

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