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F201. Finely Polished Shibuichi Tsuba by Ichijin (Itchin), Tokubetsu Hozon

$2,495 + Shipping & Insurance

F201.  Highly polished shibuichi tsuba signed, Kaei Tsuchinoe-saru Fuyu Enami Ichijin and Kao.  5 x 5.7 x .25 cm at the slightly raised rim.  It seems not much is known about Ichijin (can also be read Itchin).  I assume this is late Edo work and I know it is devilishly difficult to photograph.  Some photos were good for detail and others good for color; none were good for both.  I'm posting lots of pictures: some of each.  The color is deep black shibuichi (I would have guessed shakudo but the paper says shibuichi).

This tsuba comes in a box with pillow.  A former owner has written in English, neatly on a corer of the box, Itchin, family of Enami, Mosle' page 154 $400, date 1848.  This tsuba comes also with a Tokubetsu Hozon paper from the NBTHK in Tokyo, dated 2019.  Condition is near perfect.  $2,495.

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