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C284. Signed Yamakichibei Tsuba

$375 + Shipping & Insurance

C284.  Yamakichibei tsuba.  7.7 x 8 x .42 cm (this is thickest at the rim and tapers down towards the seppa dai).  The nakago hitsu-ana is .8 x 2.6 cm. The consignor of this piece knows so much more about it than I do; here is what he has to say about it:

"signed yama (kichi bei) - maybe low crossbar.  Momyama/Early Edo.

I've seen this theme called dango ( 団子, だんご) - they're a dumpling usually served on a stick.  The piece is interesting because it would appear that the mei is on the back side. I initially thought somebody might have "flipped" it so the welding flaw in the seppa area would be on the back, but if you look at the piece, it appears that the sukashi really is in the correct place when the mei is on the back, which is pretty unusal for a piece signed yamakichibei with this much age to it."

This has the expected yakite (half melted) surface and numerous tekkotsu on the rim and plate.  With the exception of the welding flaw on the seppa dai (which may have been here from the beginning) condition is fine.  $375.


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