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T491. Moon & Waves Tsuba, 2nd Jingo, ex Ito Collection

$3,995 + Shipping & Insurance

T491.  Irogane (copper) aori-gata tsuba with a silver crescent moon in a misty sky (done with a gazillion tiny punch marks) over waves; in Japanese the design is called suigetsu no zu.  6.5 x 7.2 x .3 cm.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .7 x 2.5 cm.  This tsuba came to me from a well respected collector in Europe, who received it from a different European collector, who in turn purchased it out of the collection of Ito Mitsuru (world's foremosr Higo authority and author of those 3 spectacular books on the subject).  Due to the shapes of the ryo-hitsu and the carving of the waves, Mr. Ito has given this to the 2nd generation Jingo.  My last picture shows a very similar tsuba, also given to the 2nd Jingo, in Ito's book: Works of Hirata & Shimizu (I am told that the one from the book is currently offered for sale in Japan at more than $5,000).  I have been told that I will receive a letter laying out the provenance (ownership history); this will be included with the tsuba (remind me).

Work in copper is somewhat uncommon from the 2nd Jingo master; all but 2 of the tsuba in Ito's book are of iron.  This one, I think, is special; you won't be disappointed.  $3,995.

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