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T293. Higo Iron Sukashi Tsuba Papered to 3rd Hayashi Tohachi

$3,200 + Shipping & Insurance

T293.  Iron sukashi tsuba papered by the NBTHK to 3rd Hayashi Tohachi.  6.9 x 7.3 x .4 cm.  The nakago hitsu-ana is .9 x 2.6.  Warabite and sakura (cherry) in a very pleasing sukashi and in perfect condition.  It is a bit unusual for the NBTHK to specify generation on unsigned Higo tsuba but in this case the paper, dated 2009, gives the piece to the 3rd Hayashi master: Tohachi (1723 - 1791).  The iron is top quality; this is a joy to handle.  Comes in a fitted box with pillow.  There is a label in English on the side of the box: NBTHK Hayashi Tohachi warabite sakura.  $3,200.

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