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S138. Wakizashi Koshirae with Signed Choshu Tsuba

$845 + Shipping & Insurance

S138.  Koshirae for a wakizashi, made to fit a blade with a nagasa of about 18" (46 cm).  The tsuba is iron with gold inlay, 7 x 7.2 cm, and signed Choshu Ju Masasada.  The menuki are shakudo and gold.  The fuchi kashira are shakudo of waves with a gold constellation on the kashira: quite nice.  The koiguchi and kurikata are horn (one of the 2 eyelets in the kurikata is missing).  The kojiri is shakudo and may match the fuchi kashira.  The saya is red/brown and black lacquer and, except for 3 or 4 tiny flaws, is in mint condition.  The tsuka-ito is in excellent condition also.  There is no kotsuka/kogatana.  All is held together with a wooden tsunagi, repurposed and cut short from a different koshirae, but still doing its job just fine.

Quite pleasant this.  Lots to appreciate.  14 ounces.  $845.


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