S135. Long Katana Papered to Musashi Daijo Korekazu


S135. Katana in koshirae.

Nagasa: 28 1/4″ 71.7 cm.

Sori: 1.7 cm.

Moto Haba: 3.1 cm.

Moto kasane: .8 cm.

Saki haba: 1.9 cm.

Saki kasane: .5 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 19.5 cm.

Overall in koshirae: 39″ 99 cm.

Ubu, one hole, mumei, koshi sori. The hada is a tight itame with mokume worked in fine ji-nie. The hamon is a small saka choji midare in ko-nie with subtle and in places not so subtle hataraki, including sunagashi. The kissaki is small medium with a boshi that is ko-maru on the omote and kaen (flame) on the ura, both sides brushed and with a shortish kaeri. This blade was papered to “Den Edo Musashi no Daijo Korekazu, Genroku Jidai, by the NTHK in 2007 Genroku (1688) places this with the 2nd generation Korekazu, working in the Edo Ishido School. Ishido smiths worked with early Bizen style. The blade is in a polish that has a few scratches and scuffs but is largely intact. There is one area of tate-ware’ midpoint on the ura (my last picture shows this as best I can); otherwise condition is excellent.

The blade is mounted with a silver foil habaki and a black ishime lacquered saya (lacquer is in near mint condition) with horn kojiri, kurikata, & koi guchi. The tsuba is iron with brass inlay. The fuchi kashira are incredibly fine shakudo nanako with shakudo and gold horses and plants. The menuki are much better than average, horses again in shakudo, gold, and silver. The tsuka-ito is well done tachi style and in excellent condition.

The sugata of this sword is closer to the original Bizen work than is normally seen with Shinto Ishido smiths; perhaps this was an attempt at an utsushi (copy). Whatever the story, length, quality, and condition all make for a very pleasant package. I think you’ll be pleased. 3 pounds. $3,275

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