S126. A Scroll of the O-Kanehira Tachi by Honami Koson


S126.  A kakijiku (scroll) of an oshigata by Honami Koson (1879 to 1955) of the O-Kanehira tachi, the most magnificent of all Nihonto ever (in my and many other’s opinions) and a National Treasure.  The scroll is, with the exception of cloth strips at the top and bottom of the oshigata, all paper mounted with wooden ends.  Overall dimensions are 18 x 77″ (46 x 195 cm).  The nagasa of the O-Kanehira alone is 35″ (89.2 cm).  My pictures show every inch of the scroll.  There are the expected creases in the paper (they look worse in the pictures than they do in person), a tiny bit of faint foxing, one small stain at the top of the oshigata, and a small hole at the very top of the scroll.  Given the age I think condition is exceptional.  I have tried to get a translation of the caligraphy but was unsucessful.

The O-Kanehira dates to the Heian, about 1,000 years ago; it has been treasured from the day it was born.  I was fortunate to see it in person years ago at The National Museum in Tokyo and again in 2009 when it traveled to The Metropolitan Museum in New York for their once in a lifetime show of Samurai art.  Seeing the O-Kanehira is a religous experience.

This is on hold for someone who asked.  If he passes on it I will change the listing and put in the real price, so check back if you are interested.  9 ounces.  Sold.

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Sold Out