S118. Yari Mounted as a Tanto, signed Sa Yasuhide


S118. A ryo-shinogi (4 sided) yari mounted as a tanto. Signed Chikushu Ju Sa Yasuhide Saku, and dated Kansei Ju Nen X Ju Ichi Gatsu Hi (Kansei 10, 11 month day, or a day in November of 1798. The character on the date that was erased by the mekugi-ana is likely Aki, autumn.

Nagasa: 4 3/8″ 11 cm.

Overall length in koshirae: 11 1/2″ 29.3 cm.

Chu suguba in the tiniest of ko-nie with subtle but fine activity, The hada is most likely a masame but I see elements of a ko-itame also. Details of the hada are difficult to make out in the present polish. There is some spotting but no rust pitting, and no nicks in the edge or other defects to tell you about.

The blade is mounted with a silver foiled copper habaki, horn fuchi kashira, screw bolt (left handed) mekugi, horn koi-guchi, saya lacquered to look like cherry bark, and saya fittings and mekugi washers in the shape of a chrysanthemum. The lacquer is 99% intact. The small plate below the kashira is missing from one side of the handle. A former owner has filed a slot in one side of the screw mekugi: pity.

Quite nice; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 9 ounces. Price has been lowered to $900.

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Sold Out