S109. Papered tanto by Kanefusa, with koshirae


S109.  A hira zukuri tanto with iori-mune signed Kanefusa in koshirae with dragonflys.  With a paper: Hozon Token from the NBTHK in Tokyo, dated May 1st of Heisei 19 (2008).

Nagasa: 28.3 cm (11 1/8″)

Sori:  .5 cm (3/16″)

Moto Haba:  2.8 cm  (1 1/8″)

Moto Kasane:  .6 cm  (1/4″)

Futasuji Hi on both sides of the blade.  The hada is itame and mokume.  The hamon is a mix of gunome and boxy midare elements worked in a fine ko-nie with sunagashi and tobiyaki (more prominent on the omote).  The boshi is o-maru on the omote and pointed on the ura, and both sides are swept.  There is a long return.  The nakago is ubu, one hole, with fine higaki yasurime and the 2 character signature, Kanefusa.  This blade is healthy, without defects, and in polish but there is a scuff on the ura.

The habaki is silvered copper.  The saya is ribbed black lacquer, in perfect condition.  The ko-jiri, extra ornament on the side of the saya, fuchi, & kashira are matching: Paulonia plants worked, I believe, in brass.  The menuki and kuri-kata also are brass and are dragonflys.  No reason to think these aren’t all by the same hand.  There are pockets in the saya for kotsuka/kogatana and kogai but unfortunately these are missing.  The tsuba is iron with gold inlay.  Condition of all of the koshirae is excellent; I see nothing to warn you about.

The paper doesn’t have anything to say about who Kanefusa was or when he worked.  The hamon, hada, yasurime, and Kanji used in the smith’s name point toward Mino den and late Koto might be a good guess at period of work for the blade.  I believe the koshirae are later.

All in all a very nice package.  1 pound, 6 ounces.  $3,850.

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