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S101. Jumonji Yari

$750 + Shipping & Insurance

S101.  Jumonji Yari.

The Blade:  Nagasa (length of blade not counting tang) is 23.7 cm (9 3/8"), the nakago (tang) is 33.3 cm (13 1/8"), and the tines are 19.2 cm across (7 5/8").  The nakago is unsigned and has 2 mekugi-ana.  There is some shallow pitting on the tines (see my pictures for both sides of both tines); the central shaft of this yari is in excellent condition.  When I got this the state of polish was such that I could see no hamon (temperline).  I have taken a sliver of fingerstone to one area and only just enough to show that the hamon is here.  This should polish quite nicely.  A friend who has seen this listing has told me there is a good chance this is Koto and from the Yamato kanabo school.

The Saya:  Most of the lacquer has been removed.  The pieces of wood are held together with small metal pins; I suspect these aren't original but don't know for sure.  The saya fits well.

The Pole:  143.5 cm (56.5") long without the blade, hardwood with cord wrap at the middle and metal fittings either end.  There is no mekugi-ana in the pole, which I think is a modern reproduction.

Shipping:  I think it would be best if this yari were shipped in 2 cartons: one for the pole and the other for the blade and saya.  Expect to pay a bit more for shipping.  As always, my cost to ship will be your cost to ship; I don't mark it up.

Questions?  Feel free to ask.  $750.

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