Q677. Jumonji Yari Signed & Papered Yamashiro Kami Kunishige


Q677. Jumonji yari signed Yamashiro no Kami Fujiwara Kunishige.

Nagasa (from top of pole to tip of blade): 6 13/16″ 17.5 cm.

Width across prongs: 5 1/16″ 12.8 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 13 3/8″ 34 cm.

Overall in shirasaya: 34 1/4″ 87 cm.

Masame hada, as would be expected from a yari, and suguba hamon in ko-nie with sunagashi that becomes more pronounced at the points, coming across like a swept boshi. Quite nice. The blade is flawless (any spots that look like pits in my pictures are non fatal specks of lint, not defects) and in a professional grade polish. If you’ve ever asked a polisher to take on a jumonji yari you know how valuable a good polish in pristine condition is. The pole and saya, also, are in excellent condition. This comes with a Kicho paper from the NBTHK, dated 1973. A piece of paper has been pasted over a former owner’s name.

There were 2 generations of Kunishige who signed with the Yamashiro no Kami title, working between 1759 and 1781 according to Hawley’s. Whichever of the 2 made this yari did fine work; you won’t be disappointed. 1 pound, 12 ounces. $2,750.

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Sold Out