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Q676. Omi Yari, Shinto

$1,250 + Shipping & Insurance

Q676. Omi yari, mumei.

Nagasa (blade above nakago): 14 1/2" 36.8 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 17 1/8" 43.4 cm.

Ovwerall in shirasaya: 41 3/4" 106 cm.

Masame hada, of course, in fine ji-nie. The hamon is suguba that becomes shallow notare in the working end, in ko-nie. The boshi is slightly swept. There are a few minor pin pricks and a few instances of hints at coarse grain (these are very short, tight, and mentioned only because I try to tell all). The blade is in a good polish and mounted in a well made shirasaya in excellent condition. There is a lot to appreciate here. 2 pounds. $1,250.

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Grey Doffin - Dealer in Nihonto Art

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