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Q675. Unusual Small Tanto with Wonderful Koshirae

$1,495 + Shipping & Insurance

Q675. Tanto with koshirae.

Nagasa: 6 7/8"  17.4 cm.

Sori:  .4 cm.

Moto haba:  1.9 cm.

Moto kasane:  .3 cm.

Nakago nagasa:  2 7/8"  7.5 cm.

Overall in shirasaya:  11 3/4"  30 cm.

Shobu zukuri, iore mune, mumei. Suguba in nioi ending in ko-maru and a short kaeri. The hada is ko-itame. There are a few instances of coarse grain and, with the exception of a small stain on the mune, the blade is in polish. It comes with a simple copper habaki and well made shirasaya which is wrapped in clear plastic.

The koshirae is quite nice. The saya is 2 tone lacquer with horn at the koi guchi and ko jiri. The kurigata is, I believe, iron. There is a small split at the mouth of the kotsuka sleeve (insignificant) and otherwise condition is excellent. The kotsuka and kogatana both are signed (something Nagayoshi with kao on the kotsuka). The tsuba is shakudo with gold & silver inlay. The fuchi is shibuichi maybe, with gold, silver, & shakudo; the kashira is horn and quite fine. The menuki are shakudo with gold, of dogs. The little split I mentioned at the kotsuka sleeve is the only problem with the koshirae; all else is great condition.

I've had a few opinions about what exactly this tanto is. The one that makes the most sense to me is that it was a gift for an important family on the birth of a son. For whatever it was meant, it is very nice. 12 ounces. $1,495.

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