Q528. Kanmuri Otoshi Tanto in Pristine Mounts


Q528.  Mumei yoroi doshi tanto in koshirae.

Nagasa:  7 5/16″  18.6 cm.

Sori:  Uchisori

Motohaba:  2.2 cm

Moto kasane:  .8 cm.

Nakago nagasa:  3 3/16″  8 cm.

Overall in koshirae:  12 3/8″  31/3 cm.

Kanmuri otoshi zukuri, iore mune, ubu, one hole.  The hada is ko itame in ji nie.  The hamon is suguba worked in gunome notare with either a very bright bo utsuri or nijuba, nioi guchi covered in ko-nie.  The boshi is ko-maru with a medium long kaeri.  The blade is in polish and, with the exception of a couple miniscule pin pricks, it is flawless.  My pictures don’t do justice.

The blade is mounted with a gold wash on copper habaki.  The saya is ribbed black lacquer with horn kojiri, kurikata, and koi guchi: not a mark on it.  The tsuka is wrapped in same’ without tsuka-ito and menuki; the fuchi, kashira, and mekugi are horn.  There is a pocket in the saya for kotsuka and kogatana, which are missing (I have many kotsuka available and I can get a kogatana).

Yoroi doshi (armor piercing) tanto often date to late Koto (16th century) but Shinshinto is a possibility also.  Whatever it is, it is fine and you won’t be disappointed.  12 ounces.  $1,800.

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