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Q484. Handachi Koshirae, Complete

$500 + Shipping & Insurance

Q484.  Handachi koshirae mounted with a wood tsunagi and wood habaki.  37 3/4" or 96.5 cm total length.  Handachi means half tachi; the mounts borrow many attributes of tachi koshirae but include a kurikata (the horn piece on the side of the saya that hold s the sageo) and are meant to be worn edge up like katana koshirae.  This set is en suite: the kojiri and decorative band on the saya and the fuchi & kabuto gane are shakudo nanako with gold wash on the raised edges.  The tsuba is iron with brass ten zogan.  The menuki are gilt dragons.  Other than for some minor cracking and 3 small spots of loss to the lacquer (black with pine needles or some other plant material embedded) condition of all is excellent.

The koshirae obviously was made to fit a sword but they have been separated (no idea which sword) and this is koshirae only.  If you need something for display, this would work wonderfully.  1 pound, 6 ounces.  $500.

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