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N105. Nicely Mounted Gasaku Katana by Yokoyama Sukekane

$7,950 + Shipping & Insurance

N105.  Katana signed Bizen Osafune no Ju Yokoyama Sukekane, Tsuki Sukehiro, and dated Genji Gannen San Gatsu Hi (a day in March of 1864).

Nagasa:  27 3/8"  69.4 cm.

Sori:  3/4"  1.9 cm.

Nakago Nagasa:  20.5 cm.

Nakago Sori:  slight

Moto Haba:  3 cm.

Moto Kasane:  .8 cm.

Saki Haba:  2 cm.

Saki Kasane:  .55 cm.

Overall length in koshirae:  40"  101.5 cm.

The hamon, after a short yaki-dashi, is variations of clumped choji worked in a consistent nioi-guchi covered in bright ara-nie (incredibly strong nie).  The boshi is o-maru with a medium long kaeri.  The hada is ko-itame.

Sukekane was one of the leading lights of the Shinshinto Bizen Yokoyama group.  This sword is gasaku (jointly made) by Sukekane and Sukehiro, a student of Sukenaga.  What is quite unusual is that the mekugi-ana is punched only half way through the nakago (possible shrine dedication sword?).  The tsuka, which is made to be a tight fit on the nakago, has a hole in only the one side also.

The blade is flawless (no kizu of any type) and with the exception of a few scuffs and scratches it is in polish.  The saya is perfectly intact except for one small ding to the lacquer at the ko-jiri.  The koi-guchi, fuchi, and kashira are en suite shakudo carved in kata kiri-bori and inlaid with gold.  The menuki are shakudo and gold and the tsuka-ito is in excellent condition.  The tsuba is iron with brass inlay, some of which is missing.  The habaki is a nicely done double silver foiled.

My last 3 pictures are oshigata: 1 from Fujishiro and 2 from Nihonto Zuikan.  This signature looks spot on to me.

A wonderful sword; I'm quite happy to have it on my site.  3 pounds.  $7,950.

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