N100. Tanto by Horii Hideaki. Early Aoe Utsushi


N100. Hira-zukuri tanto in shirasaya by Horii Hideaki.

Nagasa: 27.5 cm 10 7/8″

Sori: 2 mm

Moto-haba: 2.7 cm

Moto-kasane: .6 cm

Nakago nagasa: 10.7 cm

Overall length in shirasaya: 42.4 cm

Horimono: Bo-hi on the omote and goma bashi-hi on the ura. The habaki is brushed copper.

Signed Minamoto no Hideaki Saku and dated Taisho Ju Nen Ni Gatsu (February of 1921).  The signature and date are repeated in a saya-gaki.  Juka choji hamon in ko-nie with kinsuji and sunagashi; the boshi is o-maru and nicely swept with a medium length kaeri.  Hada is ko-itame.  This tanto is an utsushi (copy) of a famous early Aoe school tanto; oshigata of the original is found in Tanobe Michihiro’s book Meihin Katanaezu Shusei (I hope to post a picture of that tanto soon).  My last 3 pictures are of the paperwork that came with the tanto from Aoi-Art in Japan.  You will receive these papers with the tanto.  The work is exceptional; I’m very proud to offer this tanto.

Horii Hideaki was a very well respected smith of the early 20th century, perhaps best known for having forged swords from the steel of a Russo-Japanese War damaged gun of the Battleship Mikasa.  If you google his name you will find plenty of information.

The tanto and shirasaya are in excellent condition and the well done polish is almost perfectly flawless.  All in all, a class act.  13 ounces.  $3,950.

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Sold Out