K78. Finely Mounted Katana with Massive O-Kissaki


K78. Mumei katana in mint condition mounts, with an o-kissaki (or should I say OMG Kissaki:-)

Nagasa: 26 7/8″ 68.3 cm.

Sori: 1.1 cm.

Moto haba: 3.3 cm.

Moto kasane: .8 cm.

Saki haba: 2.8 cm.

Saki kasane: .55 cm.

Nakago nagasa: 7 13/16″ 19.8 cm.

Overall in koshirae: 39 3/8″ 100.5 cm.

Kissaki nagasa: 6″ 15.3 cm.

Shinogi zukuri, iore mune, ubu one hole (and a 2nd part way through hole that is filled with gold). In my picture of the bare blade on a stand, the red dot shows where the yokote (start of the o-kissaki) is located; this is a most impressive kissaki. The hada is very tight ko-itame ko-nuka and with the exception of one spot of open grain in the shinogi-ji, it is flawless. The hamon is nioi guchi, bright and clear and covered in ko-nie, clumped small choji with sunagashi-like ashi from the valleys between the clumps leading almost to the edge. The boshi on the omote is mostly suguba with one area of hotsure and on the ura it is the same with more hotsure, both sides ending in o-maru and a long kaeri. There are short bo hi and long soe bi carved on both sides. The sword was polished in Japan by Kajihara in 1982; with the exception of a few insignificant, very faint scratches and some discoloring uder the habaki, it is still in polish. It is mounted with a solid silver habaki.

The tsuba is iron with a tiger (great choice for this sword, I think). The menuki are gold and shakudo, birds on branches. The fuchi is shakudo with gold blossoms on flowing water. The kashira, koi-guchi, kurikata, and kojiri are polished horn. The saya is reddish brown lacquer and none of the lacquer is missing. The handle wrap is 100 % intact. This sword willl come in amulti-colored silk (I believe) brocade bag with dragons in clouds.

I think Shinshinto is the proper period for this sword but more than that (smith or school) I can’t say. Sure is sexy though; it attracts attention. 3 pounds, 6 ounces. $6,350.


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