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K58. Large Wakizashi by Hizen Masahiro, Tokubetsu Hozon

$4,950 + Shipping & Insurance

K58.  A wide wakizashi signed Hishu Kawachi no Kami Fujiwara Masahiro (Nidai) with Tokubetsu Hozon paper dated 1996.

Nagasa:  20 1/8"  51 cm.

Sori:  1.2 cm.

Moto haba:  3.3 cm.

Moto kasane:  .75 cm.

Saki haba:  2.3 cm.

Saki kasane:  .45 cm.

Nakago nagasa:  6 5/16"  15.8 cm.

Overall in shira-saya:  29 3/4"  76.3 cm.

Very tight and flawless konuka hada covered in the finest ji nie.  The hamon is suguba, misty, and with ko-nie.  The boshi is ko maru with a medium long kaeri.  Bo hi on both sides.  Nidai Masahiro was the great grandson of Shodai Tadahiro, the founder of the Hizen School.  He was important and he didn't make many wakizashi.  Beautiful blade; you'll be pleased.

In polish.  Mounted in a well made shira-saya in great condition with a very nice gold foil habaki.  2 pounds, 4 ounces.  Was $6,500, now $4,950.

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