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K36. Naginata Naoshi Wakizashi with Paper to Echizen Shigetaka, Koshirae

$2,250 + Shipping & Insurance

K36.  Naginata naoshi ko wakizashi with Tokubetsu Kicho paper from the NBTHK dated 1971 giving it to Echizen Shigetaka.

Nagasa:  13 3/4"  34.9 cm.

Sori:  .9 cm.

Moto haba:  3 cm.

Moto kasane:  .6 cm.

Nakago nagasa:  3 13/16"  9.6 cm.

Overall in shira-saya:  20 1/8"  50.8 cm.

Overall koshirae:  26 1/8"  66.3 cm.

Ko itame hada with an occasional hint of mokume, finely forged and flawless.  The hamon is a regular boxy gunome with sunagashi.  The boshi is ko maru with a short kaeri.  Naginata hi.  Mounted in well made shira-saya and with a gold wash on copper double habaki.  In polish.

Toppei style koshirae.  Green lacquer saya with silver mounts, including a very elaborate kojiri.  The tsuba is silver, plants of some sort, and signed Masanao.  The fuchi kashira are silver again, en suite with the saya fittings, and the menuki appear also to be silver.  There is a pocket for a kotsuka but none is included.  There is some loss of lacquer on the saya; otherwise condition of the mounts is fine.

2 pounds, 10 ounces.  $2,250.

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