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C274. Large Koto Katana Papered to Takada with Koshirae

$3,695 + Shipping & Insurance

C274.  Mumei katana with paper to Takada School.

Nagasa:  27 7/8"  71.2 cm.

Sori:  2 cm.

Moto haba:  3.2 cm.

Moto kasane:  .85 cm.

Saki haba:  2.2 cm.

Saki kasane:  .5 cm.

Nakago nagasa:  7 3/16"  18.2 cm.

Overall in shirasaya:  38 3/4"  98.5 cm.

Shinogi zukuri, iore mune, chu kissaki.  Itame hada with ji-nie.  The hamon is a bright and clear ko-nie deki of gunome midare.  Each peak of the gunome is grouped choji and hako choji with ashi.  The boshi is midare komi with ko-maru and a medium kaeri.  There are a few small spots of yo and mune-yaki.  The blade is flawless and in a proper polish that is itself intact (undamaged).  The nakago is o-suriage with 3 mekugi-ana.  There is a gold wash habaki and well made shirasaya, with horn at the koi-guchi and mekugi-ana, in great condition.  There is a Hozon paper from the NBTHK dated Reiwa Gannen (1st year) 2019, giving the sword to Takada.  Also included is a full length oshigata from a Japanese dealer, laid loose on a hanging scroll.

The koshirae is mounted with a wooden tsunagi.  The fuchi kashira of iron with gold inlay(quite nice) and the tsuba in iron are old; the saya and tsuka appear to be relatively modern.  I'm not sure of the age of the menuki.  The condition of the koshirae is excellent.  Both shirasaya nd koshirae come with silk (I believe) sword bags.

The Takada School of Bungo Province was active in the Muromachi period and into early Shinto.  The founder of the school, Tomoyuki, is thought by some to have been a student of O-Sa, a very important smith of Bizen-Den.  An origin in Bizen would fit with this blade's strong Bizen influence.  Swords of the Takada School were respected for being durable and good cutters.  This one is impressively large and heavy and, if I had to guess at its age, I would say Muromachi.  There is a lot to appreciate here: nice sword.  5 pounds.  $3,695.

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