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Persian Prayer Rug

$300 + Shipping & Insurance

Persian prayer rug.  32 7/8 x 60" (84 x 153 cm).  Handwoven, wool on cotton warp.  In 1976 I traveled overland from western Europe to India and Nepal, and spent a week in Iran.  A friend I was traveling with was buying a rug for himself and on our last day in Tehran he drug me to a shop, showed me this carpet, and on a whim (the whole trip was a whim, at best) I bought it.  Since then it has spent a couple years hanging on a wall and the remainder rolled properly inside a large drawer.  Someone else needs to own and appreciate this carpet.

I sent pictures to someone who knows more than I do about it (doesn't take much).  He tells me it is from Baluchistan, which includes Zabol, which is where I was told it came from by the man who sold it to me.  He told me, also,that the value would be $400 to $500.  The fringes are different from one end to the other; I don't know if this means anything.  Condition is excellent.  The selvedge (side edge) isn't frayed, there are no stains I can see, no worn spots, and the colors are bright.  Ask questions and I'll try my best to answer.  5 pounds, 1 ounce.  Was $400, now $300.

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