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M140. Nippon-To by Hakusui and The Book of the Sword

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M140.  Nippon-To: The Japanese Sword by Hakusui, and The Book of the Sword: 10 Monographs on Japanese Swords by Thomas Buttweiler, edited by Randolph Caldwell.  1948 & 1979.  Both hardbound.  7 x 10 ½” & 5 ½ x 8 ¾”, 222 & 158 pages in English.  Nippon-To was the 1st book in English to provide an overview of Nohonto and it remains a useful reference.  The Book of the Sword gives 10 discussions of various topics: history, shape, investing in swords, Bizen tradition, etc.

Nipon-To has fraying to the cloth of the covers, a loose but not detached front hinge, and a former owner’s bookplate pasted inside.  All else and the totality of the 2nd book are fine.  2 pounds, 4 ounces.  $70.

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