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C265. Japanese Swords: Soshu-Den Masterpieces by Pechalov

$350 + Shipping & Insurance

C265.  Japanese Swords: Soshu-Den Masterpieces by Dmitry Pechalov.  2019.  Clothbound with slipcase and cardboard storage box, 11 1/2 x 15 3/4", 368 pages in either English or Russian (your choice).  This is easily the most important, most beautiful book on the great swords of Soshu since Dr. Homma's Soshu Den Meisaku Shu.  As can be seen from the Table of Contents, blades by many/most of the great masters are included.  There are 113 pages of large, crystal clear photos taken by staff at The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and 219 pages of well researched text by the author.  Chances are very good you want  a copy of this book.

There are 2 versions of this book: English and Russian.  Please tell me which you want when ordering.  This book is new, unopened in original packaging.  If you don't know how to properly open a new book for the 1st time please see the paragraph at the bottom of my Articles page; it is important.  The books are in Europe and will be shipped from there  Publishing the book was a labor of love for Mr. Pechalov, and an expensive one.  There can be no discount on this title and if you are paying with paypal, a friends & family payment is not required but if it is possible it will be appreciated.  Thank you.

5.2 Kg.  $350.

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