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C133. Fortune Telling by Japanese Swords

$90 + Shipping & Insurance

C133.  Fortune Telling by Japanese Swords: From an Old Japanese MSS.  By O’Hamaguchi San and Talbot Clifton, F.R.G.S., etc.  (That’s what it says on the title page.)  1905 1st edition.  Clothbound, 5 ¼ x 8”, 108 pages in English.  This book was adapted from older, Japanese originals.  Everything you had no idea you needed to know and more is divulged.  If the head of animal horimono is facing backwards that’s bad but if the animal is upside down maybe it’s good, or maybe not.  Your girlfriend just leave you?  Perhaps it’s due to the shape of your sword’s kissaki.  With this book you’ll never buy the wrong sword.

There is a slight bit of foxing on the end papers; otherwise all is very good.  10 ounces.  Was $150.  Now $90.

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