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C105. Mosle Auction Catalogs

$75 + Shipping & Insurance

C105.  Japanese Art: Part One of the Collection of Alexander G. Mosle and Near and Far Eastern Art from the Collections of Alexander G. Mosle, The Late Mrs. Henry I. Riker and Other Sources, both by Parke-Bernet Galleries New York.  April 22 & May 12, 1948.  Softbound, 6 ¼ x 9 ½”, 53 & 78 pages.  See my listing B323 to learn about the Mosle Collection.  Part one has had a 2 page flyer about the sales taped inside the front and part 2 has prices realized written in pencil.  If there ever was a need for a time machine, this is it.  For example:

Lot 62.  Six sets of shakudo sword fittings.  XVI-XIX Century.  Kozuka and pair menuki wrought with animals, enriched with gold, signed Renjo (1627-1708); another set wrought with grapes; kogai and pair menuki wrought with oxen, signed Joshin (1512-1562), with certificate of authentication; kogai and kotsuka depicting a buffalo in landscape; two sets of kogai and kotsuka with decoration in the taka-makiye technique.

The hammer price for the lot, from one of the greatest collections ever amassed,  was $130.

Condition is very good for the age; nothing really much wrong with these books.  $75.

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