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B917. Kokuho. A complete set of 15 volumes

$600 + Shipping & Insurance

B917.  Kokuho by the Japanese Government's Agency for Cultural Affairs. 1994.  Clothbound with slipcases in 15 volumes, 10 1/2 x 14 3/4", the set is 18" wide.  There is a slightly smaller softbound 16th volume which is text and drawings explaining the items, and indexes in both Japanese and English.  Each volume is about 200 pages.  Half the pages are heavy stock glossy paper with spectacular color photography (black & white for the swords) of perhaps 1,000 National Treasures.  The other half of the pages is thinner stock with text and drawings.  Each object is labeled in both Japanese and English and each volume has a list of plates in English.

These volumes cover caligraphy, painting, textiles, metalwork, ceramics, sculpture, books, architecture (3 volumes of architecture), Budhist & Shinto artifacts, swords & armor, and more.  Objects often are shown in more than one photo; there may be as many as 2,000 photos in the set.  Huge and beautiful; these are very impressive books.

Condition is like new (I think I was the first ever to open these books).  The set weighs 85 pounds, which means shipping in 2 boxes.  $600.  The beer isn't included.

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