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B896. Robert Haynes Catalog #10

$35 + Shipping & Insurance

B896.  Robert Haynes Auction Catalog 10.  1984.  Softbound, 8 x 10", 193 pages in English.  The lesson is Umetada, Bushu, Kinai, Akao, and Ko Gitsune Tsuba.  As usual, fine kodogu, prints, and others, illustrated and described.  I have a digital copy of prices realized; if you buy this book remind me to send it to you.  The Haynes catalogs are good references and are getting hard to find.

This copy, not the one in my picture, has 1 spot of tape residue and another spot of paper loss, both from stickers having been removed from the front cover.  Otherwise condition is excellent.  1 pound, 2 ounces.  $35.

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