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B804. Compton Auction at Christie's, Part I

$125 + Shipping & Insurance

B804.  Japanese Swords and Sword Fittings from the Collection of Dr. Walter A. Compton (Part I)  Christie's Auction, 1992.  Softbound with a dust jacket, 8 1/4 x 11 3/4", about 440 pages with prices realized.  Dr. Compton had the best collection of Nihonto in private hands outside of Japan; the sale of the collection in 3 auctions in 1992 was an important event for collectors around the world.  The 1st sale, the one this book belongs to, was by far the major auction.  399 lots of swords, fittings, koshirae, armor, and matchlocks: all fine and some exceptional.  Records for prices realized for both blades and fittings were broken during this sale.

This book is with a long time and trusted consignor to my site.  He will ship from the US and my usual guarantee applies. Condition is excellent, near new.  Note: this, like all other copies of this book, is too big for its binding.  Many copies of volume 1 of the Compton sale have broken spines because someone opened them flat on a table.  If you buy this book please don't try to open it flat; support the pages and all will be well.  4 pounds, 11 ounces.  $125.

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